Wedding Card Invite


A childhood friend which also a client now of mine, hired me to help him in his project to design a wedding card invite.

He provide me with two images, as to how he wanted the design to be done. Below are the two images he sent me to work on.

Image 1

Image 2

He wanted the upper arc of Image 1 to be placed on the crown of Image 2. When I started working on Image 1, which was a difficult task as the image had a perceptive to it. So I had to adjust the image initially and then start my work on it. Also both the images we very bury and low resolution, which is a time consuming and tedious process.

Finally I came up with my work in Image 3, which he was pleased. The both the images were traced by a vector image generating program to create this below image which is scalable, I differentiated the colors so that he could modify it as per his convenience. The wedding card size was of A5 demension.

Image 3

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