Photo Enhancement and Noise Reduction


Halloween is here and everyone wants to look their best, so is she, well who is she ?

This cute and lovely looking honey bee's name is Kellie Lauren Johnnie. Don't be deceived by her looks, she works as a Software Engineer for an Aerospace company and is a freelance Model. She has been featured in several magazines along with various advertisements, promotional products and photographers.

As this photograph has been shot at Halloween so it makes it a special one, but not all photographers are lucky. We are all photographers at some given point in time and are the victims of such an incident. I too am not a professional photographer and take several shots to get one perfect shot.

The photographer here manages to capture Kellie posing and her expression, but due to low lighting condition in an indoor environment and the excitement to click a snap can at times ruin a great shot. As you can see in the below image there is a major light source is behind the model which appears on her wings and hands as well as the camera is not a high resolution one to capture this awesome moment. Overall the pretty model appears in shadows with all noise in the photograph which can be clearly seen especially on her face. As a result the photo turns grainy and ruins the perfect capture.

I have retouched the photo as you can be seen below, eliminating the shadows and reducing the noise to such an extent that her face is glowing. Bringing the lost moment back to life.

Model Name : Kellie Lauren Johnnie
Portfolio : Deviant Art

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