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Trade shows are a great way of displaying your products, to the consumers on a whole. Trade Show Exhibitions can be local, nation and also International events. I have got the chance to work for one of the Trade Show Exhibition during my work experience.

Trade Shows attract a huge crowd, and appeal a large number of people, and you must visit one if you get a chance. Trade Show Exhibition consist of products of various types eg. Jewellery, Designer Wears, Electronic Appliances, Latest Cars and other Hi-Tech models eg. Robots etc. I have been to a Jewellery exhibition held here in Mumbai (India). It has been a one of a kind experience to me. There were Glamorous and high society people not just in the exhibition but even the quality of Jewellery and designer wears the Brand owners displayed were amazing and jaw dropping. Basically Indian Ethnic designer jewellery, also very expensive bridal sarees with jewellery embedded on them.

The brand owners had put up their own booths for displaying their products which were very well designed to attract customers and also keeping in mind the flow of the people. So what will it look like if you want to display your own brand/product at an Exhibition as big as this ?

Ans : You will require to design your store in advance from a graphic designer, maybe someone like me, to have a look and feel of whats and how you will be displaying your products. I have designed the below Trade Show Exhibition Booth.

Final render of the display booth.


Close up of the booth

The center ring table is where one executive will be seated for giving out information on the designer wears to those who approach her/him.


Interiors of the booth

Here I display the interior of the booth displaying its shelves.

exhibition display

Interiors of the booth

Here I display the interior of the booth displaying its shelves.

exhibition display

Concept 1

This was my first start concept, what I designed with all the shelves before achieving the final render.

exhibition display

Concept 2

This shows the flow of crowd of the people, with two executive at the main booth and one seated in the center ring table, for general enquirers and information also flyers distribution. I then added a gallery to it for displaying designer wear clothing and accessories etc.

trade show

Designer Wear Gallery


The front view of the booth.


The side view of the booth.


The back view of the booth.


The top view of the booth.


Perspective view


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Unknown said...

A trade-show booth often consists of a display designed for a wall surface, which can be a graphic image or a velcro compatible fabric..I like your booth also,you used a creative idea to present this booth..!!

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