Palace of The Princess Board Game for Children age 4 and Up

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Palace of The Princess is the Board Game just like any other Snake and Ladder game in India etc. There are many other games as well.

I got this opportunity to create this board game for a client from France who creates educational games. You can read about his feedback on my work done in the Testimonial Page. He hired again after the first board game of Cat's family. This time for the Palace of The Princess board game. This game is of A4 size print ready vector graphics.

He requested me for an interior view of the Palace scene, with a Princess and the path of the game to be like some pavement stones of the palace. The rest of the objects and characters were my own imagination and creation. So I created a sketch initially to visualize how the scene would setup, later vectorized it. He was very pleased with my work and how it turned out to be.

Game Pay

The characters in the game are firstly "The Princess" her lover "Romeo" a street urchin who want to show the Princess the world from his eyes. The Palace Thief and finally the Palace Guard. The pay would be like how a payer must try find the Princess her lover and escape the palace thief or he may kidnap her or also escape the palace guards eyes to meet Romeo in the end. In the game play she will be collecting valuables like different dresses, jewels to bribe the guard, a magical mirror which will make her invisible and help to escape from the eyes of the guard.

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Game Objects

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Game Characters

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Princess Dress versions.

I gave the client different princess dress versions, he chose the green on for the game.

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Detailing in the Character

You can have a look over here at the detailing in the character.

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Board game view.

Here is the whole game view along with the objects, character and scene.

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