About Me

Hello there! and a very warm Welcome, I hope you have a great day ahead. I am Godwin D'Souza.

Well I know I know with a big smile you must all be wandering who is Goddy ? and what does it stands for and why is the site named GoddyDesigns ?. The person "Godwin" and "Goddy" are the one and same. The universal pet name for Godwin is Goddy, thats why it clicked to name the studio behind me. What's more cooler than giving everyone permission to know you more better and address you with love as "Goddy". I am based here in Mumbai, the heart of India, somewhere along the Asian Continent where I live here with my father.

I am a freelance graphic designer and my services are available for your hire, I work for the Print and Web and have relevant specialization and experience in it. In the locals I run a business of my own know as GoddyDesigns Printers and Stationers. In my print portfolio you can see some of my very own works designed and printed by me. I have also worked with Models, Photographers and Design Houses from around the Globe.

By Educational qualification I am a Commerce graduate. By Profession a Canadian Certified Graphic Designer. But whats more than that I am a self taught artist. The reason I say I am a self taught artist because my interest lies in various fields. I have learnt all these skills over the past years by my own hard work and looking at things with a different perspective. My favorite hobby during my childhood days was Drawing and Painting, I could have not imagined that all these years right from the beginning when I could not even hold the pencil properly, trying hard and playing with some lines and shapes on the paper I was preparing myself to be a in this profession.

Hey! now that you have read somethings about me, there are other interesting things that you really might wanna know, for eg. what is the Angel in the header of the website signify. Well some of us believe in Angels and Demons and I am one of them. We dream about them and at times lift up our prayers to them as they are messengers of God, I guess God made them so special to watch over us and protect us, that's why he gave each one of us has our own Guardian Angel. And well I know that you are smart and have figured out the rest as I love 3d games and I love Angels too, so I designed a Warrior Angel.

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My Portfolio's at :

http://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalDesignPrint's Channel

Softwares I am familiar with


Image Editing and Manipulation :

 Adobe Photoshop 

Ready to Print and Vector Graphics Creation :

 Corel Draw 
 Adobe Illustrator 
 Adobe Indesign 
 Adobe Pagemaker 

Animation and Presentation :

 Microsoft PowerPoint 
 Adobe Flash 

Also softwares Dreamweaver, After Effects, Visual Studio 2008, 3D Max, Google Sketchup.

Languages I am familiar with

HTML, DHTML (CSS, DOM, and JavaScript), XML, C#, ASP.net.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2005 - Graduated from University of Mumbai in Bachelors of Commerce from D.A.V College.
  • 2000 - Higher Secondary Examinations from Dr.G.D Punjabi Junior College.
  • 1998 - Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. from Don Bosco High School(Matunga - India), built by an Italian father late Rev.Fr. Aurelius Maschio.

  • Professional Qualifications

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Painting and Sketching from NIDTechnologies.
  • Professional Diploma in Web Design & Development which is registered with Govt. Of Ontario, Canada.
  • Professional Diploma in Graphic Design which is registered with Govt. Of Ontario, Canada.
  • Professional Diploma in Desk Top Publishing which is registered with Govt. Of Ontario, Canada.

  • Other Interest and Hobbies


    Interest : Surfing, Reading Online Articles and practicing Martial Arts

    Hobbies / Pastime Activities : Watching Television, playing Computer Games, Drawing and Painting


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