Hire Me!

Hi! I am Godwin D'Souza a professional graphic designer, I am available for hire and I can help you in your design needs. My job is to make you or your company look and feel good. So if you are a College student, an Individual in search of identity, a Mom in search of your family photos to be retouched, an Author who is in need of a cover page to be designed, a Corporate or a Business house who wants ready to print brochures and material to reap up the sales of their company. Or an Advertising or Design house, who is in search of professional graphic designer for hiring in your projects, I can definitely be of great help.

What services do I offer ?

Data Entry/Data Capture and Processing

Logo Creation and Logo Tracing

Cartoon Characters and Mascots for your company

Brand & Corporate Identity

Stationery & Brochure

Packaging Design

Designing, Printing and Packaging also courier of Stationery & Brochure etc at your door step

Wall Arts

High-End Digital Photo Retouching & Restoration


Website Templates

Why do you require to Hire a professional graphic designer ?

  • A designer saves time - You know your job and do it well. A graphic designer is a professional who knows their field. They know about things like bleed and trap, type-safety and imposition so that you don't have to. A graphic designer can turn your ideas into reality in a short time, leaving you free to do what you do best.
  • Improves your image - We've all seen business cards prepared on a home printer using perforated paper and the impression they leave. Well designed advertising and marketing materials will convey an image to your prospective customers of a professional company that they can trust.
  • Stand out in a crowd - Every day we're bombarded by thousands of advertisements all vying for our attention. Your best defense against becoming a part of the noise is through great design that captures your audience's attention.
  • Knows the software - Even if you have professional design software, knowing how to use it quickly, properly and tastefully is another thing entirely.
  • Save money - If your art file is not prepared precisely the way it needs to be for printing, you may find that it will cost more to have a commercial printing company "fix" the art file than it would have been to simply hire a professional to prepare proper "print-ready" art files in the first place.

    Why Hire Me ?

  • Communicator: I am a good communicator. That is what design is for: to communicate a product or service in a way that is visually appealing, positive and effective.
  • Uniqueness: I can make a huge difference in the results you get from the work.
  • Expertise: I have training, software expertise and understanding in advertising and various marketing topics to aid in the creative projects they work.

    Become My Partner

    GoddyDesigns Studio invites major design studio's, web design companies, website development firms & corporate web solutions companies for offshore outsourcing partnership. I work as an extension to your office and deliver the same high quality services. Given the same quality and service levels, our web design and development services are offered at less than 50% of US, UK & Canada prices.

    I compete more on quality than the pricing. In the present market scenario of cut throat competition, the greatest benefits of offshore outsourcing are the significant savings of time and money along with rapid results. In today’s customer-oriented and cost cutting scenario, businesses prefer to hire offshore expertise to gain benefits in terms of cost, quality and technical excellence. GoddyDesigns Studio is a Mumbai India based graphic/web design company which has a vast experience in print/website design.

    My quality combined with prompt and efficient service enables us to offer our clients the advantages of professional web development and design at competitive rates. Our simple and efficient process, fast-turnaround time and high-quality standards have helped us establish successful outsource relationships with our clients. With a strong portfolio backing I can confidently say that I have ample experience in catering to the business needs of foreign clients from the world over. I know what exactly are the requirements of international market and what are the expectations that we have to live up to as an outsourcing partner.

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